Your pages on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks are up – optimized with the right keywords, hashtags, and images. Not to mention you have 3 months worth of content ready to publish and share to your followers.
But then you look at your follower count and likes – and there are none.
Now what!?

You don’t need a dozen complicated strategies to boost your business’s social media presence. Growing your followers from zero to 1000 (and beyond) is all about finding what steps work consistently – and consistently working on those steps.

And today, we’ll take a look at 3 tried, tested, and highly actionable steps to turn your barren social media pages to bustling online hubs where fans and followers talk about your brand ‘round the clock – even if you’re a social media newbie!

Run “Low Barrier To Entry” Competitions & Events

“Low barrier to entry” events and competitions on social media should be a part of every marketer’s toolbox – and for good reasons.

Polls, sweepstakes, and other basic social media contests can serve as great tools for boosting your follower base especially if you’re just starting out. Users are usually asked to follow your page and like one of your posts – and that’s it!

Of course, likes and followers aren’t the only metrics you should pay attention to – you also want users to engage with your business. And guess what, user-generated content (UGC) promotions (ex.: photo and video contest) can get the job done. These contest formats tap into users’ competitive drive and desire for that bit of fame.

competitions on social media

Social media competitions are also a good way to extract important data from your target audience. Case in point: a 2014 research by Thrive Analytics and Local Search Association revealed that consumers are more likely to share personal information (ex: location) if they believe they can be rewarded for it.

More followers, better engagement, and data that you can use for your future marketing efforts – that’s a lot of goodies you can extract from a Facebook and Twitter competition!

Consider Paid Advertising on Facebook

The first quarter of 2015 saw the king of social media networks garner 1.44 billion active users. That’s a lot of potential reach – and you can bet that a good portion of your target audience can be found on Facebook.

But how do you take advantage of Facebook’s massive reach?
The answer: paid advertising.

Spending money on Facebook advertising makes a lot of sense, especially for startups or SMBs with a limited advertising budget – and the network’s massive reach is just one of the reasons.

You may only have $5/day to spend on promoting your brand and building your followers – but that’s enough to get the ball rolling. Moreover, you can choose from 3 different ad products, each having its set of advantages:

  • Facebook ads
  • Boosted posts
  • Promoted posts

Having said that, the real advantage of Facebook’s paid advertising platform is its rich targeting options, which help ensure that every buck you invest is a buck well-spent. You can target users who see your ads based on:

  • Location (even down to their zip code!)
  • Age and gender
  • Keywords and language they use
  • Connections (so you can exclude people who already liked your page)
  • Education level
  • Relationship status
  • And even life events

But that’s just scratching the surface! Facebook even lets you tap into their data of personal interests for even better targeting: from the business or industry they’re in; hobbies and activities your target audience loves; the technology they use; to their fashion and shopping choices and more.
If you’ve done your homework and have researched your audience in and out, put your findings to good use through Facebook advertising.

Search For Influencers & Start Following Them

Influencers – these people are the industry experts that your target audience looks up to. Donning an authoritative voice in your niche and with thousands of followers closely looking after every tweet or update they post, influencers are the reason why a certain piece of content gets 400 clicks and a ton of engagement.

You may have great, well-researched content ready to share on social media. But you will find it hard to drive visitors and readers to it if you don’t have a massive following to showcase it to.
So what should you do?

Simple, befriend the influencers in your field!
Search For Influencers

Let me show you some simple steps and tools to find them:

  • Search for top blogs in your niche via Google (“your keyword” + “top blogs”). Depending on your niche, the SERPs will show you pages that list the top blogs in your industry. Manually check these blogs for social following, frequency of posts, and how closely related they are to your business.
  • One tool to that can help you in your influencer-hunt is Twtrland, a paid tool (starts at $99/month) that does all the homework for you. It gives you access to 200 million social profiles, including influence metrics, audience, content analysis, and other important metrics to help you find the influencers you want to connect with.

Once you’ve compiled a list of influencers you want to connect with, it’s time to follow and start conversations with them to get in their spotlight, which makes it much easier to pitch your content for them to share with their followers.