India has always been a home to world’s largest community of Jewellers. Few past decade big brands have revamped the industry and created lot of challenges for smaller brands. These brands who have a dedicated local customer base are struggling to keep up with the changing times and finding it difficult to brand themselves.
Thankfully, social media provides them tools and opportunities to stand out in the crowded market and not only retain their customer base but also create deeper and new customer base. Here we present 5 smart tips that local jewellery brands can use to promote and establish their brands. This article is yet another in the series of many such articles all focused to help local fashion brands using social media to promote their businesses.

Engage and encourage your customers to share more of their photos

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Social media should be social so don’t be afraid to get REAL. Sharing customer photos is an effective way to increase your page’s interaction and also give potential customers another perspective on your products. This year create a customer album and fill it with photos of customers who post pictures of themselves in your jewelry on your wall. Also create a unique hashtag and encourage customers to use it on Instagram so their photos will be easy to find.

Let your customers see the “real” products

Instead of depending on product or ad shots, mix it up by taking photos of your jewelry on a real person. I’ve noticed that “real-life” photos get a lot more engagement and are more inspirational. They let customers see your jewels in the flesh and allow them to imagine the piece on themselves.

Put your social media links on everything


I’m always surprised when brands fail to display their social media pages on their email signatures, business cards, and magazine ads. Make sure you add your social media links to everything that lists your website. That means on all marketing materials.



Plan useful but small free giveaways

Want to make people excited in under 10 seconds? Host a giveaway! Choose something small but still exciting to give away. An engagement ring brand might want to give away a diamond band, or a jewelry store might want to give away a gift certificate. Make it significant enough to cause people to care. Contests will boost your engagement and also win you additional followers.

Set up a feed and automate your posts

It’s hard to stay on top of all the news, but this year make it a point to discuss more current events on your page. I like to use Feedly, a reader that pulls in the latest articles from my favorite news sites and blogs. Once you have your Feedly set up you can share the articles directly to your social media pages. You can also use other tools to either schedule posts for a later date or go into queue and be automatically scheduled and posted at optimal times.