Pallavi Singh. Delhi born and raised girl who is out of Delhi but “Dilli” is not out of her. Today she owns and runs one of the most niche businesses

img_735 in India – teaching “Hindi” as a foreign language to foreigners and expats.

Her journey started in August’2011 when she taught her first student who was an exchange participant at Delhi University. Her journey has been one tumultuous, exciting, poignant and an inspiring chain of events which go on to display her grit, drive and perseverance.

Her beautiful smile conceals the pain she has gone through, her humor and quick-wit is her brilliant valor against atrocities and unjustness thrown at her. She chose to pursue Psychology after her engineering course (duhh); against the will, support and encouragement from her parents. This scooped her out of her home in Delhi to the chaotic, labile and unforgiving Mumbai in 2012. That is when the struggle started – equipped with a passion which never got approved or supported by the University; she started ringing corporate doorbells – only to find out they were not interested in giving a chance to a “Non-IITian” kid. It was pretty clear to her that her talents and smarts would not find their due without a “stamp” of a good school – a tech or a business one. She did not want an external authority validating her being.


Teaching Hindi all this while was her means of income – Mumbai is one of the costliest cities around the globe and to not have a source of finance is a crippling position. She knew that from the beginning.

And then the last straw was pulled – she was denied a Visa to Canada [she had bagged an Internship at Simon Fraser University] on the grounds that “she will not return to her home country after the intended stay”. This was a big slap on her face. Having worked so hard and so long to make her dreams come true – not coming from an endowed family of means or connections really started to orchestrate what she could and could not do. That is when she turned her back from Psychology – for then and ever.

Psychology’s loss was Language’s gain – she started focusing on the only thing that was giving back to her – teaching Hindi. At this time she had over 300 hours of teaching experience, an almost completed course module and a growing client list. She was 23, her determination and unrelenting will finally got the opportunity she needed – a call from the US Consulate to have her as the on-board Hindi Tutor. This was a stubborn plant showing signs of life on a parched desert land. She took that offer.

Six Consulates, five Relocation companies and two international schools later – “Professor P” is now the most sought after Hind tutor for foreigners and expats in Mumbai.

eAdvertz salutes this Delhi girl who has many more successes to achieve and landmarks to attain.